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Examining Today’s Santa Barbara Today-Examiner:

A Principled Media Organ

The Santa Barbara Today-Examiner! lives ringingly up to its proud, exclamatory name. This dauntless information portal carries forward the grand tradition of misinforming a public hungry for news items that may or may not be true, and very probably aren’t. We like to think of our content as sterling Misinformation. This is not to be confused with Disinformation, which seeks to elevate its diabolical sponsors through a program of deliberate obfuscation, intermingled with peroration, perturbation, and a spoonful of calumny [as Mary Poppins might have sung if she were more learned and/or obfuscatory].

The culture’s zeitgeist is reflected in the electronic flapdoodle under whose spell we ruinously while away our fleeting Time on Earth. The Santa Barbara Today-Examiner! is determined to top the list of historic distractions that one day will rightly be said to have brought Western Culture low. Grab a cup of whatnot, heave a sigh of disappointment. And welcome.

— The Publisher and Editor

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