Boardroom Heartbreak as Global Rollout Fails to Catch Typo

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Was the store supposed to be called Angel or Angle? We may never know.  At issue is a terrible faux pas in the shopfront signage of the hifalutin retailer, a misstep replicated above the entries to the company’s outlets all over the globe. The benighted business concern’s Paris PR department did not return Santa Barbara Today Examiner!‘s phone calls, and the star-crossed company CEO was apprehended by Interpol while attempting to cross the French border disguised as a legless beggar.  The ruinous corporate damage has been done, however, as evidenced by the glaring boo-boo above the Angel or Angle shop’s entrance in downtown Santa Barbara’s Paseo Nuevo Mall.

The boutique-like Angel or Angle store features tastefully displayed scarves, sweaters and blouses made of finest silk and cashmere and other materials too inapproachably delightful to mention here. At press time the brazen typo above the elegant boutique’s entry was drawing a small and vocal crowd, and dissuading some prospective customers from entering Angel or Angle.

One local shopper laid the issue bare. “If I’m going to pay these kinds of prices, the cretins damn well better know how to spell,” said an unidentified Coach Purse-wielder with a fashionably tilted bouffant hairdo and untraceable accent, adding, “The holding company seems well to do. Possibly it’s not too late to buy a vowel.”  

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